Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cosmetic Tattooing - Cosmetic Tattoo And Permanent Makeup

Lately, many people have become familiar with the process known as permanent makeup or as it is also called, cosmetic tattooing. Although the trend has recently grown in popularity, what many may not know is that this is an ancient practice that dates as far back as the Cleopatra era, when mummies that have since been recovered were found with the modern equivalent of permanent makeup. However, certain individuals have been credited for cosmetic tattooing such as George Bruchette who mastered the art of injecting vegetable dye under someone’s skin to enhance the eyes along with the lips in the year 1880.

There are many benefits of cosmetic tattooing and one major factor is the convenience. Most women spend hours in front of mirror trying to perfect their makeup, but with permanent makeup there is no need for this since it replaces the daily makeup regime. The process involves injecting dyes below the top layer of the skin, which enhances the facial features. The most popular types of cosmetic tattooing is coloring of the lips, lining the eyes and coloring of the eyebrow known as permanent eyeliner. If done correctly, the technique can look as natural as everyday makeup except without the hassle.
Although women employ the use of cosmetic tattooing for several different reasons, some find it convenient because of health or physical issues. If you are allergic or even sensitive to traditional makeup this may be the option for you. Individuals with unsteady hands and or poor eyesight may also find cosmetic tattooing quite convenient.  This technique is not limited to the face, women who have battled breast cancer can also benefit from this process. Technicians are able to recreate an areola that was previously removed due to surgery. Although the procedure cannot create the sensation of a new nipple, it can give women a natural look.

Cosmetic tattooing can also be used to enhance skin color that may have been lost due to scarring, loss of pigment or skin diseases including vitiligo. These will require a technician with advanced training in this area, so if you are doing this procedure due to any of these reasons it is best to do adequate research and ensure that the technician has previous experience in treating people with these skin issues. Along with the many benefits of cosmetic tattooing, you must also consider the risks. The most important factor to consider before taking this step is the expertise of the technician. A botched procedure can leave your face looking deformed and it can be hard to fix. It is also to important to keep in mind that cosmetic tattooing uses needles, which if contaminated can lead to infections. Also, remember the key word here is ‘permanent’, this means the makeup will be there when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning, so think carefully before  you get tattoos such as blush or lip color. There may be times when you want to wear a different color on the lips and if you get a red lip tattooed on your face you will not be able to change it. Here browse around this site